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Monthly Goals

We're dedicated to helping you become the best you that you can be.
Each month we aim to reach certain goals which help our community.

Modern Strong is much more than a fitness community. It's a place to learn and thrive in the realm of physical fitness and success. It's a community based on supporting each other through positivity as to ensure that we all make it in the end.

Here we offer news and articles free of charge published by popular industry leaders, youtube celebrities and best of all our amazing fitness professionals that write original content.

  • Complete Front Page

    Finish writing, organizing and structuring our opening home/front page for the site.

  • Construct Our Forums

    Completely lay out our forum sections including subforums for member access.

  • Organize Launch Promos

    Get a list and supply of sweet promotions that we can off to the community on launch.

  • 50 Articles Before Launch

    Ensure that we have plenty of content for community members to read upon launch.

Latest News

Things you should know right now and our latest news posted by our fitness professionals including popular industry leaders.